Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Dear Music God…..

We ask humbly – and with a hopeful heart -- that these outstanding digital albums might someday appear on a licorice pizza (i.e., vinyl)....

Van Morrison “ A Night In San Francisco” (1994) (CD)

Nothing short of an other-worldly musical experience, and one of the few times when fans are treated to Van himself having an out-of-body experience because of how deeply he dives into the material. Junior Wells and John Lee Hooker are deeply engaged and onboard for this memorable live ride too!

Steve Winwood “About Time” (2003) (CD)

Could be the only Steve Winwood solo album not on vinyl, and IMHO his best. After many uneven albums weaning himself away from “Roll With It” commercialism, Steve rediscovers the Hammond B3 organ and Traffic-style jamming. Oh yeah, he also rediscovers that Ray Charles voice he used before becoming a 70’s megastar.

Marc Cohn  “Listening Booth: 1970” (2010) (CD)

If ever there was an album tailor made for the vinyl format –this is it. Cohn finds his sweet spot with inventive covers from the glory days of analog by Smokey Robinson, Creedence, McCartney, Cat Stevens, Box Tops and John Lennon—to name only a few.

Don Covay & Friends “Adlib” (2000)  (CD)

 A glorious swan song for a criminally underrated soul stalwart. Covay was recovering from a stroke when he recorded this gem-- still operating with full songwriting and performing powers. 

The album combines modern R&B with “old school” soul, enlisting Wilson Pickett (also still robust), Huey Lewis, Dan Penn, Paul Rodgers and other all star devotees for a solid Covay sendoff... before Don passed in 2015. But Covay goes out strong—very strong. 

Click here to hear Huey & Don punch out "Red Comb," a late-career classic demonstrating Covay’s delightfully quirky songwriting insights.

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