Sunday, March 26, 2017


So, This Really Happened....

1. "Sam The Sham" (of "Wooly Bully" fame) joining forces with legendary guitarist Duane Allman. (And cooking up quite a delectable blues-rock stew.)

Who Knew?..and Sam had retired the "Pharoah" hat by this point in his career.

2. Country heavyweight John Prine once wrote a song with Phil Spector. Can anyone think of two more opposite musical people working together than John and Phil?

3. Acclaimed rock record producer and overall Rock God Todd Rundgren once produced an album for Shaun Cassidy--teen idol wannabe little brother of David Cassidy....This cover of The Animals' "It's My Life" appears on the album produced by Todd...At least Shaun sounds more passionate, bluesy and in-the-moment that his big brother ever did!

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