Tuesday, July 12, 2016


The Vertical Turntable??

It’s hard not to a double-take when you see this new turntable. Talk about pushing the envelope—my mind can barely process the fact that after nearly a hundred years operating horizontally, a turntable can now play an LP vertically. I can’t vouch for the performance of Gramovox’s  new "high performance" turntable with built in  "full range" speakers, but it sure looks amazing aesthetically. It's available for $399, and sure to generate “wow’s” from party guests, and groans from hard core audiophiles.

Did Someone Say the Big Drawback of Vinyl Is That It Isn’t Mobile?

Louisville-based Crosley Radio, which makes budget-priced vintage-style turntables, jukeboxes, radios and other electronics, recently rolled out the Crosley Cruiser, a rolling record store. The company also unveiled plans to build a record-pressing plant in Louisville in 2017.

The Cruiser features records and electronics for sale and will include listening stations as well as a jukebox spinning music that can be heard outside the vehicle via a built-in PA. 

“Our demographic has shifted from older consumers who grew up on vinyl,” a company official told InsiderLouisville.com. “It’s the 15-year-old girl who wants to buy a record player because it looks cool. The whole vinyl industry has seen a shift into this new generation. The vinyl resurgence is a super fortunate thing for us. People are jumping on the bandwagon. We’re definitely not taking it for granted.”

Your Favorite Music Artist is Probably More Respected Than You Think

Did you know there is a cool website that can tell you precisely how many times an artist’s music has been sampled by other recording artists?  Whosampled.com is a fun visit and will tell you in great detail where ”borrowed” pieces  of an artists’ songs have sometimes landed.

It’s not at all surprising that soul-funk legend Sly Stone’s music has been sampled more than 700 times in the years since his prime, but learning that sadly under-rated 60's guitar legend Mike Bloomfield has been sampled 13 times by other artists was heartwarming to discover at the site. Be careful, you can easily get lost  on Whosampled.com for an hour.

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